Dunes & Estuaries

Dunes are equally as dynamic as flowing estuaries, just in a different frame of time. They migrate and change form from hour to hour but also over the course of years. If you sit and watch you can observe their change, grains of sand tumbling one by one, the grass waving to you, footprints dissolving to be replaced again by tomorrows beachgoers. Estuaries follow a sinuous path that also changes as you watch. We follow along them in our boats, tracing the same course as the fish, birds and crabs. They ebb or rise and change direction seemingly of their own device. The boats moored there correspond and never really end up in the same place as where they started during yesterday’s cycle. Picture yourself having a lazy sail in the glow of the afternoon light or transform your space showing a brave, solitary canoe waiting for the fog to lift.


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